Photography as Fine Art

As defined in, fine art is a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty meaningfulness.  Photography as a fine art form has subjects, concepts and ideas–showing the full potential of the artistic side of the medium.

Meg Pukel–one of my photographer friends from Miami, Florida–studied photography as a fine art at Syracuse University, and has always made artwork with her pictures.  It is easy for me to see the beauty in her photos,  noticing the effort, detailing and thought put into her work.  Pukel uses projected images within her photography, adding an interesting element to the subject.  Projecting images onto buildings, walls and columns, Pukel’s samples of fine art photography are exhibits of turning ordinary scenery into works of art.




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    Check out the link above, which has a short video and Meg’s explanation behind the art in her photography use of projection.

  2. ramlakhanp says:

    This was a very interesting post…fascinating in the sense of it encourages women empowerment…she takes projections and turn it into a work of art and by using a women to project such image shows a statement of diversity and strength… going through her website I notice all types of photos ranging from weddings to different type of celebrations and I’m captivated by all her images…I have to agree with you when u stated fine art photography is made up of concepts , ideas and its subjects are indeed showing the artistic full potential for which she using a unique medium that is viewed in many spectrums of light, angles, positions etc …she clearly directs a lot of her attention to detail and has captured an everlasting image for people to remember…

  3. Jian Huang says:

    Meg Pukel is definitely one of the most amazing female photographers. From her photos you can tell that she focuses a lot on angles and such.

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