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Macro Photography

I always love macro photography. It seems like no matter what the subject is, the picture is always interesting. It might be the fact that it gives us a view that we don’t usually see that draws my attention.

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Underwater Bride and Groom

This couple is decided to take their wedding pictures underwater. Taking these pictures must have been challenging. Keeping the subject in focus, having good composition, all while swimming has to be difficult.

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Modern Day “War” Photography

In the past 6 years 50,000 people have been died in Mexico’s Drug War. There has been a constant presence of bombings, shootings, and savage murders. These images document this conflict which rivals many major wars in casualties.

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50 photos from 50 years ago

1962 was a time filled with tension around the world. From the struggles of African Americans in the civil rights movement to the Russian missles found in Cuba that almost sparked a war with America. All of this while the … Continue reading

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Lytro’s Revolutionary Camera

A company, Lytro, has created a camera that has a capability that changes the way photo’s are taken. This new camera allows the photographer to adjust the focus of a picture after it is taken. The same picture can be … Continue reading

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