While looking for photography related blog I came across this photography project about dogs and physics. Personal, I find the project to be very interesting. I liked the way  photographer Theron Humphrey used the dog ,Maddie,  to tell the stories of everyday people.

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  1. yennyrosario says:

    I really thought it was an amazing idea to show human everyday life by, photographing an animal instead of using a person, which is the usual subject to portrayed a person’s mundane life. By using the dog is the main subject it adds a twist and makes the picture more interesting. also the way he photographs position dog doing and what he uses as he back around makes these pictures have composition. For example, the picture where the dog was laying on a shelf on top of the kitchen sink brought about shapes and different objects to allow the dog in between the shelve to pop out. The strategy the photographer uses make his picture outstanding.

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