Janette Beckman, New York Photographer

Admiring the person in charge of a lot of New York’s famous photography is Janette Beckman. Originally an English documentary photographer born in London, she lives and works in New York. As veteran photographer of music and youth culture
Beckman started her career photographing the punk scene in England then in New York during the 70s and 80s. Her love of the city’s energy and atmosphere caused her move to New York in 1982. Today she continues to work here without pause, taking pictures of events like Occupy Wall Street, Brooklyn Fight Clubs, and Classical Underground Music.

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  1. smarte5 says:

    Now here is a good example of a person to be admired. Ms Janette Beckman a prime example of a person who no doubt enjoys what she does and is still doing it today. More than often i respect and admire people who never stray away from what they want to to and especially if they are still doing it today. Ms Beckman you go girl!

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