Photographers: You’re Being Replaced by Software

As technology advances more and more as the days go by, so does software programs that can manipulate photographs that can look stunning and/or Photoshopped. A free open-source program called Blender allows the user to create 3-dimensional shapes and landscapes of just about anything they have in mind. The picture above was done by photographer and editor Mark Meyer using the free program. He was amazed himself that he can create such a picture using this program; feeling that we should probably be afraid about this if you have to be a photographer that likes taking still life imagery. To top it all off, anyone can use it for Mac, Windows, or Linux, it is easy-to-use, and saving your work will always ends up looking clear and sharp.

( Petapixel )

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5 Responses to Photographers: You’re Being Replaced by Software

  1. IT is definitely cool; however, there is still a way to make sure it’s real. A lot of photographers still use conventional 35mm cameras; ask for a negative. Also, each photograph made by a digital camera comes with a signature: how its made, size, when, using which camera, etc. It would be clear if it its made by a software or a camera. Yet Im not saying the world is perfect, thus anyone can fake almost anything if he really tries.

    • I agree that technology is definitely a game changer in the art world, especially when it comes to photography. With all the cropping, sharpening, and clone stamping, it’s hard to appreciate “true art”. The artwork done solely by hand serves as both influential and inspiring. Of coarse photoshop and programs alike can be extremely useful tools, but it can at times completely distort the photo’s pedigree. It because of the same reason why people prefer to drive an actual race car over a virtual one with a controller; it’s real. People still prefer reality because it’s relatable. Technology for the purpose of photography, should be used solely as an aid rather than a tool for reconstruction. Don’t mind me, but I suppose it’s an opinion.

  2. jpalex says:

    Regarding the issue of photographers being replaced by software, I believe it’s just another way for individuals to become more creative. There is a time and place for everything. At this moment in time technology is advancing day by day. The camera was considered a tool of science in the early days. And like science there are new break throughs made. I this sense I believe software will be that break through. Hey I could be wrong but unless we create a different means of photo capture photography may meets its end in the future.

  3. I won’t be surprise if we are being replace by software. The fact is, technology are always advancing everyday and then one day they will overpower us. This program blender sound like a really useful program for people to use. For most human, time is money, and we can never have enough time. Therefore a program like this is another aid for us to be take the short cut instead of the long way to save time and money. It is also not very surprising that a program like this will be release eventually since a lot of photography are usually edit now a days.

  4. juanpilar says:

    Completely unrelated to this posting to an extent, it’s a shame that technology is replacing everything around us. It makes it hard for people to excel at their trade nowadays. With all these cameras coming out, Photoshop improving all the time and an overabundance of Youtube tutorials, each one of us can pretty much be anything we want to be.

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