Discussion Topic: Photography, Tumblr, and Copyright

             According to Conor Risch tumblr is getting some more buzz on their copyrights. The issue is more when it comes to photographers and their work. I think that its a good thing that a photographers work should get credit for that work and it’s also the photographers job to also make sure that they credit themselves too. I remember in one of my classes my publication professor made sure that all of his work was copyrighted .He showed us the website for the copyright. I personally myself being an artist I have to make sure that all my work are copyrighted especially if its something. very important . I love that tumblr is very open and very useful for millions of people that love artwork and photos. Not everyone has time to go to places or enough money to buy magazines . That why tumblr is a good place to get resaerch from and look at other peoples work. When it comes to the issue of copyright troubling an photographer has the power to say yes or no. for example if someone wanted to sell their photo with an artcollector . The photographer would have the power to say yes I will give over my rights to this photo. Or maybe they could say no I do not. It takes to agree something. also he or she knows that someone will take their work for some reason than don’t put up your photos. At the end the photographers have the power in their hands.

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If I had to describe photography in one word it would be life. life is just like photos and each moment you take is another part of your life's story. maybe it doesn't have to be your story it could be someone else's story.
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