Discussion topic: Photography and early film

“Le voyage dans las lune” by “George melies” there alot of aspects of  of the practices of early photography  . The aspects that I observed in the film was first the use of props and staging . I noticed  that they were storying telling their their performance. I also observed that the film was in black and white and . I saw a lot of effects like the changing of clothes and the big puffs of smoke. They were basically making a scene. There are differences and similarities between photographic camera and the film camera . The similarities are that they both are in black and white and they both take a lot of time to produce. The major difference between these two is that film moves and photography doesn’t . Photography is meant to display something for example a person or a moment. while in film its the moment and action taking place. I also see that in film images repeat while in photography you could have copies but they don’t repeat and make motion. I also see that one is animated while the other is not.

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If I had to describe photography in one word it would be life. life is just like photos and each moment you take is another part of your life's story. maybe it doesn't have to be your story it could be someone else's story.
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