pictures of pictures: capturing the perfect moments

perfect moments happen to most everyone in this life time. Either one of your family members graduated or someone  just getting married or maybe some one dead. capturing moments with a camera is just like writing in your journal or painting what comes to mind. matthew Brandy  one of the great photographers of the civil war era captured images that captured the mood and also the event  of what was going one. In his images he captured the moments of the deaths of soldiers and how the side of war looked like. capturing perfect moments are not about the way the  the place or how pretty the person or object may look  . But it’s about capturing the event at the right time and grabbing the opportunity when it comes and  not missing it. There are so many times we as photographers don’t really realize how great capturing  a moment is if just take the time to look around and take it with a  camera.

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If I had to describe photography in one word it would be life. life is just like photos and each moment you take is another part of your life's story. maybe it doesn't have to be your story it could be someone else's story.
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  1. I think taking a picture of a picture with a camera is a useful technique because you can always go back and refer to particular photo for a project, or just to remember it as a place you seen or been on vacation. However the downside of this technique is that sometimes it doesn’t look as sharp or clear or fine as the original picture looked in person, unless you have a 10 mega pix or higher or a HD camera with a automatic zoom feature.

  2. yennyrosario says:

    We have all experiences a prefect moment in life as mention on this blog a picture perfect moment. Our camera are the main tool to helps us capture these images for a life time. Although I don’t like taking pictures of everything I do enjoy capturing the joyful moments in life. Brandy’s ways of capturing images remind me more of news reporting or a form of documenting an event. But just seeing life through a camera allows one to view things distinctly.

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