Old Processes, New Advertising; mixing the old with the new

photography is beautiful and classic and the wet- plate collodion process is such a unique technique that still leaves me in awe. Going back to where photography first was invented this was how the photos were taken and the best part was that each picture taken was never the same it was always something new. according to louis vuttion and David Bornfriend,the wet -plate process is still pretty famous and is now getting used in this era which is more modern. Personal I still love this technique because it captures this sort of old style but still beautiful and very eloquent  to look at. its a part of history still old but now being used in the modern fashion world is one the smartest combination of the past and present that create a new emerging style that in my opinion is still beautiful to see. I say  the classic are always better. its like a movie the first part is always better than the part two.

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If I had to describe photography in one word it would be life. life is just like photos and each moment you take is another part of your life's story. maybe it doesn't have to be your story it could be someone else's story.
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  1. superartist says:

    I totally agree that this style of of photography s amazing and that the wet-plate technique is amazing it’s so good and no matter how old it is. The beauty of this is how old it is . This beautiful technique is still being shown and is attracting the attention of fashion designers and celebrities as well. it could be something so simple like a pair of converse sneakers like Christian took or David Bornfriend, portrait of himself or brother you can shoot almost anything with this camera and it will come out amazing it the way the image looks on that piece of glass just makes it so much unique instead of it being just printed on paper . it makes the image so amazing and more detaied to look at. maybe I will give it a try.

  2. juanpilar says:

    Personally I was unaware if people (besides for non-commercial purposes) still took photos like these. The fact that they’re making an advertising campaign out of it is pretty interesting. It makes it seem like they’re trying to illustrate how unique they are to everyone. I love it though. Nothing should ever be perfect and the wet-plate technique proves this. Going back to the part of being unique, in our modern world anyone can take a photo; anyone can make a brand of themselves. But this is their own way of showing everyone how much effort they’re putting into what they’re doing.

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