Documenting Hurricane Sandy David B.

The devastation brought upon us by Super storm Sandy was horrific. It left my family and I without power for four days. Thankfully, we weren’t hurt or flooded. My area was actually designated as a “Zone A” area which meant immediate evacuation. Thing was, we didn’t have anywhere to go or stay. We decided to tough it out because we thought it would turn out like Hurricane Irene did last year and tone down to a tropical storm. We were sadly mistaken. After the storm hit, my cousin’s house was a disaster over in the South Beach area of Staten Island. Friends and family (and even people we didn’t know) got together to help clean out what was left of his place. His entire basement was flooded with water. We had to hire a demolition team to come in a tear apart all of the damaged parts of his home. I honestly never saw this coming and I think no one was really prepared for the destruction Sandy caused.

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