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2 Responses to FOOD IS ART

  1. David Barrios says:

    I agree with you 100%! The style in which the photographer positions the food is artistic and creative. In some photographs, the food is set up in sort of an elegant pattern to make it seem more appetizing. Now one thing that I’ve noticed about food photography is the angle in which they are taken. Nearly all of them are taken from a ‘looking down’ point of view. If someone really wants to consider food art, mix up the way you take the photograph!

  2. Ankit Rauniyar says:

    yes, As i mentioned earlier mostly props are used to take the food pictures. e.g. plastic sandwiches for a burger king menu display, no wonder the buns look so big, straights and everything looks proportionate. the props used are much bigger in size too than the regular food. then yes you are right the angle the photos are taken make even a bigger impact

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