Baking Muffins

Making Different Types of Muffin : Orange Cranberry Muffin,Berry Jam Muffin,Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Poppy Muffin, Corn Muffins

1.  Mixing (activating the gluten)

2. Fermentation ( allowing the yeast to act on the sugar)

3. Scaling ( cutting the dough into portion)

4. Benching (allowing the gluten to relax for a easier shape )

5. Makeup/Panning

6. Cooling and Storage


Baking and Pastry Arts 1 : White Pan Bread #HMGT1204LC28

This week in Baking and Pastry Arts I: HMGT 1204 we baked white pan bread using the straight dough method. The following photos show the steps during our team’s production.

#Scaling Students measure and scale proper ingredients for white pan bread recipe. 


Mise En Place. Trigger Ingredients shown: Gluten, milk powder, butter. 


#Fermenting Letting the dough sit as the yeast acts on the sugars and gluten becomes more elastic


Professor Warner demonstrating #Punching – redistributing the yeast and equalizing the temperature in the dough


#Panning Preparing the dough to go into the oven 


Our bread baking in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. #Beautiful


Finished Product ! Trigger Ingredients shown: Sesame and poppy seeds. 






Alexis Graham Mclean Hw#1


I think the use of social media in hospitality is a must. I believe it is essential in the hospitality industry, it helps promote businesses like restaurants and hotels. Social media has major impact in hospitality, it can either make you or break you. In today society everyone blogs/vlog and post their everyday life on social media pages. They post pictures of their meals, what they’re doing and how they feeling, which can be bad and good. I take pictures of the food I eat to admire the appealing meal and to encourage others to intake. By doing that I am promoting and advertising businesses, that help selling and marketing.

I am intrigued about what I will be learning about photography and food, which is where food stylist plays a part. They make food look photogenic, which is important. People will only eat food that looks appetizing and appealing. I can honestly say that, I do look at photos of food to help me decide if I would want to cook it or eat it. This class will teach me what to look for in good quality food photos.

I already enjoy taking pictures of the meals I make, however I don’t really post the photos on social media. I just feel that people on social media, sometimes have too much opinion despite others feelings.