HW#1: Photography, Instagram, & the food industry (Dana Edmund)

Dana Edmund

ARTH 1100/ Sec.LC04

Prof. Chang

Jan 29, 2018


Homework #1


What is the first think that comes to mind when you look at a photograph? Is it thelighting? Art? When I look at a photo I tend to not only visualize it, but I would pick it area into different departments in my mind. Personally I have always been an advocate when it comes to sharing pictures online. Social Media tends to guide or mislead peoples perception of images they maybe viewing. Overtime, I would post images of food, places, and even manage to squeeze in a selfie or two on my Instagram. But when I am feeling  spontaneous to try a new dish or even look for new restaurant to dine at, social media sites would be my go to search engine. What determines me on clicking on a picture of a food image is the lighting, description, and mainly the comments underneath a post. At times I am inspired to manipulate that same food picture and want to try and cook it at home.But what would get me in the door of a restaurant is the amount of reviews and if the business is in a reasonable location. Social Media is the way to go especially if your starting up a small business or even if your trying to drive new customers in.