Homework #4


I determined the photo Falling Solider by Robert Capa is authentic. I examined in the photography, the aliment of the falling solider legs, arms and position of the gun. From what I can see within the photo the gun seem as though it is actually sliding out of the soldiers hand and the jerking motion of his body suspended in practically off the ground. It is pretty difficult to reenact a position of that nature and even believe Capa maybe able to capture such a moment within a split second of a flick of his camera. For example, “Cape was about to flick hid camera, a hidden enemy started to open fire and Borrell was hit and died instantly and went limp while still on his feet.” This very important detailed surfaced through the evidence Richard Whelan discovered during his research. My impression, of Capa’s photograph leads me to believe that it is real because their isn’t enough time to capture such an iconic such as what Capa displayed. The purpose of photography is to pursue the audience of a moment that was capture through another person view and with that being said I consider that Capa was able to obtain that point in time though the Falling Solider.

Lab #5 Sauces/ HMGT1203Sec.LC22

The Breading Station

The mise en place display to create the Eggplant  Parmesan starting from right to left. The all purpose flour, the egg wash, and the bread crumbs. First, you light dust the eggplant in the flour and than dip in it in the egg and make sure all the dripping of the eggs is wiped off. Last, place the eggplant in the bread crumbs and flip it on both sides to make sure it’s fully coated.