Baking lab #5

Students using a scoop to evenly place cookie dough onto trays.

Students using a scoop to evenly place cookie dough onto trays.

Our finished cookies! We used the creaming method to make chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal cookies.

The finished product of our Portuguese sweet bread. Our bakers came in early to work on this bread so we could send it to the dining room.

Our finished pecan raisin bread, the other bread sent to the dining room that day.

Danielle Sciarrino HW #1

Photography and social media plays a huge role in the hospitality industry. Great reviews and photographs from guests can help you obtain a lot of business. Since cameras have become more accessible due to advancements in digital cameras and phones more people are tempted to capture and share their meals with the world. Also, the rise of social media has allowed guests to share their experiences and photos easily from anywhere from any device. This is a great thing for the industry, it’s basically free advertising.

Before I came to Citytech, I was a photography director for Spoon University’s University of Central Florida chapter. Spoon University is a website that publishes college students articles about all things food. My responsibility as photography director was to capture and edit photos to go with the writing teams articles. I also was in charge of our chapters Instagram where we posted tons of food photos. It was a great way to inform students on campus about great food all around them.

Today, I pretty much only take food photos when I make something I am super proud of, or if I get a beautiful looking dish from somewhere.