Baking and Pastry Arts 1 : White Pan Bread #HMGT1204LC28

This week in Baking and Pastry Arts I: HMGT 1204 we baked white pan bread using the straight dough method. The following photos show the steps during our team’s production.

#Scaling Students measure and scale proper ingredients for white pan bread recipe. 


Mise En Place. Trigger Ingredients shown: Gluten, milk powder, butter. 


#Fermenting Letting the dough sit as the yeast acts on the sugars and gluten becomes more elastic


Professor Warner demonstrating #Punching – redistributing the yeast and equalizing the temperature in the dough


#Panning Preparing the dough to go into the oven 


Our bread baking in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. #Beautiful


Finished Product ! Trigger Ingredients shown: Sesame and poppy seeds. 






Amanda Ashwood HW#1: Photography, Instagram, and the Food

Social media has a huge presence on the food industry. Instagram definitely being the number one source of promotion for food industry businesses. In this day and age, social media has been seen as the fastest way to promote and increase sales for business. Creating Instagram pages has attracted Instagram followers to these businesses when they see pictures posted that they enjoy. There are also Instagram foodies, Instagrammers that love and enjoy food and create blogs to share with others about their experiences at food businesses, posting pictures of the foods they’ve encountered. These bloggers usually have thousands of followers and help tremendously in getting the word out about new places. One Instagram page that I follow that I absolutely love is @takeyourgirloutnyc. This Instagram page showcases different romantic restaurants in the New York City area. I always refer to this page when deciding what new restaurant to try based on the pictures posted.

I also do a lot of food postings as well, especially because I own a cake business on Instagram called @cakedbymandy. I post 2-3 pictures of the cakes I create a week so that my followers know the potential of my work and what to expect when ordering from my business. I also often promote myself by asking Instagram food bloggers or popular Instagram accounts with over ten thousand followers to follow my page and support so that they could spread the word for my business.As read in the article about New Fork City, “Building a business entirely on social media isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and hard work to build a following and influence. But it is possible to build a business entirely around posting your favorite food photos to Instagram”. When starting a business, especially food industry related, social media is STRONGLY advised.