Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

I personally don’t believe that Capa’s photo was staged due to a few things. One, the way his legs are positioned doesn’t seem as if that was something that could be positioned that way. Another thing is that it looks as if the gun is flying out of his hand, it would be kind of hard to get a shot of a gun like that unless the photographer took their time to do that. Even though Gardner’s photo “Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter” was staged, in Capa’s photo there are many differences that showed why his photo actually happened the way it is photographed. The main difference between the two photos is, once agin, the gun. In Gardner’s phot the gun is placed nicely on the wall. Furthermore, in Whelan’s article , one thing that he mentioned that really caught my attention was when Gallagher claimed to be with Capa at a hotel and that he heard him calling for people to help him stage the photo, but then all of a sudden he claimed that he had Capa mixed up. Another point that caught my attention was when Whelan stated that he was able to prove that Capa was at that exact point to capture the photo of The Falling Soldier. Authenticity definitely matters when it comes to photographs taken during war and photographs in general because they can be used as evidence.

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