HW #4 Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

“Death of a Loyalist Soldier” by Robert Capa will always be seen as notable war photograph even if it was staged or not. After reading the article written by Richard Whalen I concluded with Whalen that Robert Capa’s photo was not a staged photograph. Robert Whelan made some great points on the validity of the photograph. During a time of war, I don’t think a photographer would have the time to even think about staging someone to take a photograph. I’m certain that bullets were flying everywhere, and soldiers were either securing a safe place for cover or either firing back at the other side. The authenticity of Capa’s photograph matters because what was captured in that photograph is what makes it valuable. Even if this wasn’t captured in a photograph, that was the time there was a war going on and that was how soldiers actually die without them expecting it or knowing when they will be shot. Another great conclusion was that of Captain Frank, who was shown the photograph and asked to give an opinion as if he it was an evidence in a homicide case. Frank after looking at the photograph, concluded that the person in the picture was actually shot. He noted that if you look at the person left hand, you will see that his fingers were curled, giving an indication the muscles have gone limp and he was already dead. He also stated that someone faking wouldn’t know that such a hand position was necessary.

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