Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier ( RESPONSE )

It was a universal occurrence during the Spanish Civil War for photographs to be staged; because they did not have any freedom of movement and also unable to go to active fronts, , photographers resorted to pictures of soldiers feigning combat. Capa asserted that the photograph was taken at the battle site of Cerro Muriano, but research suggests it was taken in the town of Espejo,30 miles away. I think the photograph was staged because someone being shot would be in more pain and agony and would be in a agonizing posture falling to the ground. His facial expression was not dramatic as he had seen been in danger , This controversial arguments is in comparison to  Home Of The Rebel Sharpshooter by Matthew Brady which was also a photo taken in during war periods, which a dead solider rifles sits neatly beside him.In my perspective, those times I would not consider authenticity to matter because photographer did not have the tools and resources we have now to present certain type of photographs to the public and giving credit to them , they made the effort for people to have an understanding of what was happening during war by using these photos whether staged or real.

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