Baking & Pastry I – week 6

Baguette-Making baguettes using the straight dough method

Piping cookies-Professor Warner showing us how to pipe cookies.

Creaming Method-Mixing dough using the creaming method



Chocolate tea butter cookies with sprinkles on them.

Knotted rolls-After baked!!!

This week we made cookies using the creaming method. We learn how to make different shapes by piping the cookies. some of the cookies we made were chocolate tea butter cookies, almond cookies & ginger snaps Also we learned how to make knotted rolls using the sponge dough method. The other to types of bread we made were french breads and baguettes.

The baguettes and french bread were delicious, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I would definitely serve these breads on my own bakery. Very simple to make using few ingredients, also the final product is of good quality.

My favorite was the french bread, it was very tasty! and I think very similar of what a french bread would taste in France.

Some of the trigger ingredients in the bread were eggs, milk powder, butter, shortening, gluten, sesame and poppy seeds.

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