HW#2: Photographing and Describing Texture

This is a Greek yogurt served alongside granola and a combination of blueberries and raspberries. The texture of the yogurt is very thick and viscous similar to the texture of whipped cream. The granola provides a rough texture due to the dryness of the oats and is also rough due to the clumping of multiple pieces. The raspberries on the plate are firm on the outside and squishy the harder you pinch the berry. There are also little bits of furry bristles on the outside skin of the berry that feels like a gentle brush like feel to the berry. The blueberries are similar to the texture of the raspberries, but without the feel of the bristles on the outside. Instead there is just a smooth firm outer layer protecting squishy insides of the berry. Together the parfait creates a mixture of mouth feel textures mixing of textures where biting into granola helps create a crunch while everything else provides a smoother melt in your mouth type feel.

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