Camila Fernandez/ HW#1: Photography, Instagram, and the Food Industry

Pisco cocktail and Truffle Ravioli

Osteria Morini


Vegan Restaurant

Lady Bird

By working in restaurants for few years already I’ve notice many changes on food, style and marketing. In the past 10 years technology made huge advances, it has become part of our lives and actually have made things easier for us. For example now we can send or post pictures on social media and look up the best restaurants in the area just in seconds. Before people rarely took their phones out while dining at a restaurant and if you wanted to know about the food and experience you would’ve to ask someone who has been there before. Now days when people see a beautiful dish arriving to their tables the first thing they do is take a picture and post it on social media, and if you want to know what food is served at any restaurant you can look it up online and see how their food looks like. Chefs now not only worry about their food quality but the visual part of it, they work hard every day to create dishes that will strike people eyes. Restaurants owners think more about restaurant layout and decoration. Employees such as bartenders make their drinks look more interesting and they play with garnishes so cocktails look better on pictures and not only that but themselves promote their drinks by posting photos on social media. I think all the use of technology in the industry is an amazing opportunity for people to learn,socialize and for businesses to succeed. I use instagram everyday to see what are the new trends in restaurants, to see where my friends are dining or having drinks and to also share my own pictures with other people. I discover new places every day using instagram and when I see a photo a dish that looks amazing or a restaurant that looks interesting to me I definitely visit the place. I believe a lot will people agree with me and few others will disagree but reality is that technology makes part of our lives and instead of avoid it we should learn how to make good use of it.

I shared in this post some photos of food from just three of my favorite restaurants in the city so maybe some of you will be interested in visiting them.

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