HW #1: Photography, Instagram, and the Food Industry (Samara Hernandez)

Social media has become one of the major factors within the food industry. Wether it be drinks, finger foods, ice cream, or food, social media has now been able to get up and coming businesses and even businesses that have been around for years,more business than ever due to many social media users posting their items on there accounts. While reading “How A New York Restaurant Uses Instagram Influencers To Drive Sales,” the main thing that caught my attention out of the article was that, “influencers will be more invested and will deliver better-quality posts if they believe in you, rather than just being paid by you.” I agree with that statement 100%. I rather post something and invite my friends and family to a place where I know they’ll get their money’s worth, rather than have them waste their money on something that has no type of taste or appealing appearance.

Personally, I always take photos of my food especially when I go out to a new place. The main reason being, they way they set the item up may have automatically caught my attention as soon as I got it. Sometimes I’ll take a picture so that if after my meal, if I enjoyed it, I can give positive feedback on my social media and hopefully gain them some new customers.

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