Bannesa Espinal – Homework #1

As technology expands our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. Not only has it impact the world as an addictive tool to communicate, it has greatly impacted the business industry. Serving as one of the biggest platforms to stay connected, social media is now being used as a marketing platform where advertising is becoming extremely successful.

As lovers of social media, it has become normal to snap a picture of nearly everything we find attractive, interesting, or even alarming. For many, social media has become a job to which they receive a salary according to their number of followers and views. This is also being applied to the food industry. Majority of restaurants are using social media as a stage of advertisement since it has become an effective commercial marketing business. As discussed in “The Business of Designing a Restaurant for Instagram” 30% to 40% of  “Pearl’s Finest Tea” customers are people  “who catch a glimpse of the cafe on social media.”

In the food and beverage industry, photography has become a critical aspect of advertisement. It is attention grabbing to those who attempt to visit a restaurant based on the creativity of the dishes presented on the restaurant’s website, or on social media. Good photography helps build an imaginary taste of the food being presented which ultimately leads to wanting to have a real experience of its taste.

As a consumer, photography helps me decide where to eat approximately 95% of the times. It builds my taste, interest, and ambition of visiting the restaurant. It also helps me narrow down my food options and determine what appetites me the most. Therefore, it is important to have an effective photography since it attracts customers to your operation.

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