HW#1: Photography, Instagram, and the Food Industry

Photos of food on Instagram

Photos of food on Instagram

For this homework, you will need to create an account on the OpenLab. To get started follow the directions on the OpenLab’s Getting Started Page and to learn how to post your homework, please review my Posting Homework Guidelines located above.

The objective of this homework is 1-to familiarize yourself with creating a post on our Openlab website and 2-to consider the use of photography in social media for the food industry.

What do you think of the use of social media in hospitality? Listen to this short newscast on Food Instagrammers who turned their social media presence into a business. New Fork City is a branding business developed from taking and sharing pictures of the food. The company is run by college students and their Instagram account is nearing a million followers. Even restaurants are designing their menus and decor to encourage the use of social media. A local Manhattan restaurant relies on Instagram to help sales and a Los Angeles-based teahouse designed their interior to encourage visitors to post photographs.

First listen and read the articles hyperlinked in the passage above. Then write and submit a 200-word post to share your thoughts on photography, social media, and the food industry with your classmates. Some points to think about include, do you take and share photos of food, do you look at food photos to help you decide where to eat out or what to cook?

Homework #1 is DUE on Monday, February 5 by midnight.

2 thoughts on “HW#1: Photography, Instagram, and the Food Industry

  1. Hyheda Barrett
    Prof. Sandra Cheng

    The use of social media in hospitality is a very useful tool of advertisement. Food companies and restaurants uses social media platform to have a ongoing relationship with its consumers/customers. In this generation the uses of social media has become a very connective way to get information out and has become a very easy. Most people before even going to a restaurant , go on social media to see if they are interested in going to the place , such social media platforms are (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest..etc) Just by seeing the art and presentation of the food , and the atmosphere and also the rating of the place will bring more customers and more money to a business . A very big examples is Sugar Factory, their drink are famous around the world and also a famous celebrity hotspot and people go on their website and make many reservations. So many business within the hospitality industry rely on the word of mouth and good review from loyal customers as a great marketing tool. Social media in hospitality is a great way of advertisement and also a good marketing tool.

  2. Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide what I want to eat throughout the day or what’s the best restaurant to dine in at, and I offer turn to social media for inspiration. The first place I won’t turn to isn’t necessarily Instagram rather Snapchat. Simply because I’m a huge Instagram head. I usually log on to post couple picture and catch up on the latest celebrity gossip. Snapchat on the other hand I’m logged on constantly and I’m checking everything. I know if one of my friend post what restaurant there at for the night, I’m defiantly checking to see what their plates are looking like. If the camera flash is hitting the plate right while there snapping a picture or recording a video and the food is looking on point that restaurant is one to check out in the future. I’m also watching to see whether the experience is decent. Often what people post on social media can be just as bad as a “C Grade” in your restaurant window. If a friend posts, there food was terrible or the sever was bad that’s an automatic turnoff. I find social media is comparable to restaurant reviews from food critics.

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