Homework #1 – Texture

Many can enjoy this bright red, heart-shaped summer fruit. At first glance, you can see bumps and grooves of this tasty and delicate fruit. Embedded in it, you can see tiny brown seeds decorating this natural delicacy. Its small plump figure has a very unique and inviting appearance. Once in your hand, you can feel its smooth bumps and its soft yet grainy peel. Flipping it over you now hold its fragile leaf and bite into this fruits rounded tip. As you break through the strawberry you feel its juice running on your tongue. The bittersweet flavor excites your taste buds and the crunch of the seeds on your teeth along with the firm pressure of the lumps makes you see just how tasteful nature can be.

img_9218 img_9217 strawberry

Alan Hernandez #studentHW

This picture is a salad we use to do at work, it’s a strawberry and quinoa salad. This salad was made by adding a little of basil balsamic vinaigrette to the spinach, then adding quinoa on top of the spinach; which later was added avocado, fresh cut strawberry’s, chopped pecans and finished with a touch of goat cheese. The texture of the salad was something i liked, it was a  colorful and tasty salad. This salad was like a spring salad, it represented some spring  colors and freshness, with the greens (avocado, spinach) , fresh red strawberry’s, pecans and white goat cheese. This was an interesting salad to do because it was a sweet salad something i have never done until now. file_000

Ceyda Yildiz – Homework #1 Texture


This is a picture of baked ziti that I made for dinner the other day. I never cooked anything till this month. Due to the fact that my mom always cooked for us. Since she started working and i had days off from school i had to cook dinner to feed myself. So i tried the easiest thing to cook. Pasta! Not gonna lie it actually came out pretty awesome. It was delicious. I was pretty proud of myself since it was my first time cooking anything besides eggs. I took this picture to send it to my mom because i was so excited lol. I used my iPhone to capture this picture. My kitchen was dark so i put on my microwaves’s light thats on top of the oven to show the texture of the melted cheese on the pasta. That one small light focusing on the pasta and nothing else made it look extra delicious. The yellow light made the pasta look more orange and brought out the color of the tomato puree and made the cheese look more crunchy and crispy.

Eunji Jeon, HW #1


This pasta is called ‘Alio Olio.’ It is very delicious and simple pasta that everyone can make. All you need is pasta noodle, garlic, hot pepper, salt, black pepper, and olive oil. First, you need to boil water for the noodle. Then cook the garlic and hot peppers on a hot fry pan with olive oil. This way, the garlic and hot pepper becomes brown and softer and the olive oil gets the tastes of two ingredients. When the noodle is finish cooking, combine the noodle, garlic, and hot pepper all together. I seasoned only with salt and black pepper. Make sure not to overcook because if I overcook, every ingredient will become too soft to chew and sticky, and lost the individuals’s tastes. I can taste little bit of spicy because of the hot pepper. The main thing I like about this pasta is the olive oil has the garlic tastes that they make a great harmony with all the other ingredient. Not too strong, just creates a great balance. If I had Parmesan cheese on the top, it would look more tasty.

Alison Yan, Homework #1 Texture

Rutabaga, turnip and pearl onion.

This is a picture of a mise en place that I created during culinary class that consists of three different vegetables.  First the rutabaga and turnip are cut into tournés.  Then they are boiled with pearl onions in a pot.  By boiling it, it creates a soft texture throughout the whole vegetable.  When the vegetables were cooked, they were placed in iced water to shock the vegetables.  This makes the texture of the vegetable’s outer layer smooth.  Then in a small sauce pan with butter, the pearl onions, rutabaga and turnip gets sautéed together along with seasoning and herbs.  This browns the outer layer and the butter creates that glossy appearance.  Finally, after plating the vegetables I added garnish on the side to make the dish look more attractive.

Mussels without Muscules

This is a photo of a dish I made when I was in the mood for both Italian and Seafood and decided to combine the two. I normally always take a photo of the food I make so I thought this would be good to use for the homework about texture in a dish. You can see the hard shell that the mussels have similar to the bowl that their in just not as thick. The mussels also have some lines that run along the shell in a pattern but they do not affect the smoothness of the shell. The inside part is soft with a rubbery like consistency. The spaghetti texture is also seen here as a bit smooth all around yet intertwined with each other. It is cooked pasta al dente, so it still has a bit of a bite to it not like over boiled pasta that ends up more on the mushy side. The dish overall is simple yet the plate looks like a lot is going on.

Mussels without Muscles

Mussels without Muscles

Culinary 1- Food Texture by: Jessica Abate

img_1319This is a picture of sautéed cheesy zucchini slices with corn I had for dinner. I sautéed the zucchini and corn in a pan with onions and a little oil. The outside of the zucchini is crispy but the inside was still soft and tender. The entire dish was covered with some shredded cheddar cheese. As I plated the dish the cheddar began to melt and drip down the sides of the pile of vegetables. The creaminess of the cheese worked really well with the crisp yet tender zucchini and the corn added a nice sweet fresh crunch to the dish.