Homework #2: Food vs Coffee

img_0451If i had to choose between food and coffee I would no doubt choose food. I don’t prefer food because coffee is bad for you. I choose food because there’s so many different types of food to choose from. You can always have something new that you’ve never tasted before when dealing with food. When it come to coffee, there’s not much play room.
After reading the two articles, I understood why coffee was such a huge thing back then. Soldiers weren’t on helauth diets, they lacked energy and they needed something warm to help them through this war. This is where coffe saved the day. They allowed coffee to take over. Coffee became the escape item that made their taste buds dance and had them awake and alert on the battlefield.
However, too much coffee can have you sluggish and lack energy throughout your day. It gives you a few hours of nonstop productivity then you may crash. But for me, I’ll continue to drink coffee in the mornings but I’ll still compose food first.
This is an image of dinner I cooked on Sunday. It’s a mix of shrimp, corn, okra and dumplings in a spicy soup.

Homework #2

I agree that coffee can be addicting but I would choose food over coffee because you don’t necessarily need coffee, whereas you need food to survive. I understand that back then the soldiers needed coffee in their routines because coffee can keep them awake to fight in wars, but coffee doesn’t have proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals like food does. If I had to choose between coffee and food, I would choose coffee because food can satisfy your hunger, coffee can’t. Another reason is that we don’t need coffee to stay awake, tea is a healthier option and it can also keep you awake.

One thing that I enjoy eating is sushi. Sushi can be expensive but they taste really good and they are easy to make. My family used to own a sushi restaurant 13 years ago in Chinatown and I think that is when I started to really enjoy eating sushi.

Hw 2 food and coffee in the civil war

If I was a soldier during the Civil War, I don’t know if I would have made it. I’m a vegetarian, so I can’t survive off of meat and differently not potatoes, and pieces of bread. I need more proteins and vitamins in my diet to help me throughout the day. I love food, but I don’t think I can eat the same food over and over again, especially if it lacks flavor. Soldiers in the Civil War loved coffee because it gave them energy and it was a sense of comfort. Commercial’s these days make coffee seem like it is the only thing that you would want and need, but I don’t like coffee.

I find it strange that some people can’t start there day without first drinking a cup of coffee. I never felt the need to drink coffee because I’m always drinking tea. Coffee is very bitter unless you sweeten it. If the soldiers ran out of sugar they were forced to drink bitter coffee.

I personally love green vegetables and seafood. I get my daily vitamins and protein by eating this often. I don’t mind eating this over again because I can always give it different seasonings to spice things up.

veggie and fish

veggie and fish

Alison Yan, Homework #2 Food and Coffee


If I had a choice, I rather give up coffee and have food for the rest of my life.  I grew up in Eastern China and the main starch of our day was rice.  Rice was the essential item in every meal to go along with other side dishes to flavor the rice.  When I was growing up, I had rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I lived on an island and the back of our house had our neighbor’s rice patty field.  I did not have cereal and milk for breakfast or coffee shops.  So consciously I do not yearn for coffee as people who grew up around coffee would. In addition, I do not enjoy the taste of coffee because it’s bitter. Coffee with milk taste good but I am lactose intolerant so I don’t drink latte a lot.

Reading the two articles I realized the importance of coffee to the Civil War soldiers.  As mentioned in the article by Grinspan the word “coffee” is mentioned in the soldiers’ journal entries more often than combat weapons.  To the soldier’s coffee, it was the start of their morning. Soldiers would have conversation about coffee like men about the morning newspaper. Returning to base to a cup of coffee was their way to keep on going and fighting.  The food the soldiers had did not sound very sanitary like the puddle water used to brew coffee. Later on there was the United States Sanitary Commission who started to provide healthier and nutritious meals for the men who never stepped into a kitchen.  Meals were not always tasty but the soldiers would eat the bread last to wipe the remains off their plate or wet the bread in coffee.  Overall, coffee was an essential item to the soldiers’ meals just like how rice is essential for my meals.

HW #2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

I was completely unaware of how important coffee was for the soldiers during the Civil War prior to reading the two articles. Their diet was not that great or healthy for that matter most meals consisted of meat, potatoes and a piece of bread. Although the job of The Sanitary was to take care of the soldiers health and nutrition while supplying reliable food this was overlooked most of the times because of the army’s large size. So the food that was cooked lacked in flavor and variety as the soldiers sometimes ate the same thing twice in a day. I can see how that could happen especially since they didn’t have a lot of cooking and kitchen skills at the time. So they were feed just enough to keep them from starving. Surprisingly, coffee seemed to be something that they all looked forward to during supper time. Coffee for the soldiers was a sense of comfort and safety. It powered soldiers through battle and relived the survivors afterwards. They made it from anything they could and took it everywhere with them this is how important it was to them.

I personally have a love for coffee and sometimes even depend on it to keep me going throughout the day so I can relate to the soldiers a little. I sometimes try to take a break from the caffeinated beverage because I drink it almost everyday, mostly iced coffee. But If I had to choose between food and coffee I would have to say I wouldn’t want to give up eggs. I absolutely love them, served in any form especially as a omelet and don’t forget the cheese please!

mushroomomelet scrambledeggs

Homework #2- Civil War Food by: Jessica Abate

After reading both the articles on the diet of the soldiers during the Civil War, I am so surprised people survived as long as they did. The soldier’s diets were so poor that they should have been extremely under nourished. They were at a disadvantage from the start because they had very little cooking experience since during that time women did all the cooking. Whatever knowledge they did have was extremely basic. They were constantly on the run and putting their bodies through extreme physical conditions so, they needed to eat something that would fuel their body and replenish nutrients they lost, but they didn’t know how to do that. They ended up eating the same dish multiple times a day because that was all they knew how to cook. Also they had to cook the food extremely dry so they could preserve it for longer. Overall I think the soldiers would have had less energy to fight because their diet was so poor, but I guess there will to win over powered their undernourished bodies.

In the articles, I also found the obsession with coffee very surprising. As I read the article it did make a lot of sense as to why the soldiers loved it so much. Coffee was a lighthearted topic the soldiers could bond over and talk about. It was also something to look forward to during a very stressful time. Coffee helped remind the soldiers of home and keep them from completely losing their sanity. The soldiers became so addicted to coffee that it was the only thing they would be excited about.

The soldier’s obsession with coffee is something I understand completely. I love coffee img_1397-1and honestly wouldn’t be able to get through my day without it. Although I love coffee with all my heart, I think I would be more upset if I had to live without fruit. More than
50% of my diet is fruit, so if I no longer had access to any I would be beyond upset. I would not know what to eat to replace the fresh juicy flavor of fruit.


Homework #1 – Texture


This is a Japanese snack known as Takoyaki. It is filled with chopped octopus, tempura flakes, pickled ginger, and green onions, made of wheat flour based batter. The texture of this is that it is slightly crispy on the outside and it is soft and creamy in the inside, topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flakes. The bonito flakes gives it a nice savory flavor. Takoyaki is usually served in 6 to 8 balls because it is not served as a meal but it will fill you up since the batter is made of wheat flour. You should definitely try this when you have the chance to.

HW #1: Texture

wood fired oven

This is the main dish that I had for dinner in the Industry kitchen. It is called Oven-Poached Shrimp, Cod, and Clams with Chorizo. As you see the name, these main ingredients are all listed. It also comes with the red pepper aioli, Anaheim peppers, fresh tomato and three pieces of focaccia on top. It is just a simple oven cooked seafood dish, but the three pieces of Italian bread make the dish look more classy. The texture of focaccia is rich, slightly chewy and it’s a little bland. However, when you deep it with the aioli, it tastes more delicious. The seafood tastes soft and the oven cooked method keeps them in the original flavor. This combination helps the dish increases its dining level.

Homework # 1 Texture

The food item on this picture is called an oatmeal scone that I had this afternoon. This was my first time making this type of baking this type of bread in the college baking class. Originally this was supposed to be an oatmeal biscuit, however it was changed into an oatmeal scone. The texture of the biscuit was soft and flaky feeling. Its taste is different from any other biscuits, this biscuit also has orange zest and juice inside the bread giving it a fresh orange taste.Though some may say plain oatmeal biscuit is good enough I really do enjoy this interesting new taste of orange in this biscuit. Kind of looks like a pie.

Homework #1 Texture by Shara Bryan

For as long as I can remember, every Sunday my mom cooks a full course meal for everyone to enjoy. This Sunday, I decided to help her in the kitchen and this is what we came up with. In this photo, there’s a variety of different textures. There’s chewy curry goat, and crunchy salad paired with other soft textures from the rice and pear (aka avocado), and plantains. When food like this is cooked in my house, everyone wants some just because it’s not a boring normal dish. The textures as well as the colors makes a fun fulfilling dish that everyone want to try.Sunday Dinner