Hw #3

When I looked at the photo for the first time, I didnt notice the deep meaning behind it. I thought it was a normal photo with some solider posting with their guns on hand. But after I analyzed the photo there are evidence that proves it is not a staged photo. We can see that through his gun it is clear moving , also the soldiers is half falling it is hard to say that it is staged, and his hand is moving backward .I believe that the soldier in this photo was shot.After I read Whelan’s arguments it is more convincing that this photo is about a soldier who was shot.  I do think Whelan’s arugument are convincing because his analysis and mine can be connected.


I understand that how important it is for the solider during the war. It was the only thing that can wake them up and focus on war instead of putting their life in danger and not dying, unlike now days they prepare some other healthier foods for the solider. It is hard to give up coffee, you can get addicted to coffee and is hard to live without it. It is not good for your life. I think if I have a choice, I would like to choose food that provides us vitamins, protein and some other healthy things in it. The picture that I posted is Luke’s Lobster under the Brooklyn Bridge.It is one of the best lobster rolls in the area, the crispy of the bread and the lobster is so fresh that you can taste the sea.


Homework #1 Texture

I remembered this from Jacks’s Wife is a famous brunch resturant. The other day I ate their chicken sandwich it was amazing especially the texture of it. The crispy bread it self taste good alreayd is like you step on the dry leaf that is how it feel with the hard layer and the soft inside. The chicken it self taste really good as well most of the time when I eat chicken There is no flavor inside ,just the outside skin but this one the sausces breaks into the chicken skin and even the inside have a great flavor.  Everyone should try them out at some point! image