Falling Soldier

while doing research of biography of Robert Capa,  Richard Whelan has expressed his mixed feelings about the famous photograph about the fallen soldier during 1936 Spanish civil war. The photograph of fallen soldier shot in head has arose wide issues about its authenticity. Most of the audience has believed it to be staged. I, myself understand this photo as a fake and staged too. There are no exact evidences traced about Robert Capa traveled to Spain and captured that snap right on the spot when the soldier was shot in head and fallen to the ground. The falling body’s gesture also expresses that the photograph was staged since it doesn’t seems dead body falling to the ground.

food and texture h/w


This is what we made in baking and pastry arts class in week 3. Not only that we baked,but also brought back home to share with friends. The bread and muffins stayed fresh and of good flavor. we made herb bread that consisted of fresh basil,fresh chives,dried oregano. The varieties of muffins were blueberry muffin,lemon poppy muffin, cornmeal muffin, cocoa chocolate chips with dried cranberry and roasted walnuts muffin. Everybody in my home enjoyed a lot and was gone in no time. As the baking were done under proper supervision of professor Jacus, the taste, flavor and texture of those bakeries were phenomenal.  can’t wait for next week to do next baking.