Homework #2

Coffee has played a big role in this country, especially back in the early 1800’s. After reading the article, I came to realize how coffee was so important to the  troops; drinking coffee gave soldiers encouragement and strength to keep on going. In the 10th paragraph, I found the part where it said they would consider coffee a weapon pretty funny, because they put their trust so much in this liquid they believed gave them some kind of power to do better. I myself love coffee, it has helped me stay awake when I lack of sleep, it has helped me throughout tough days. If i had to choose between coffee and food, I would pick Food without a second thought; because it would provide me with the nutrients my body needs. I think i wouldn’t be able to  survive just eating  a hardtack as a everyday meal, We need a lot of nutrients to keep ourselves healthy and strong  then again  a hardtack with a nice cup of coffee doesn’t sound that bad too right?

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