Homework #2 Civil War, Rice and Coffee


If I had a chance to choose what I can give up, I would give up coffee. We all know protein gives you the most energy and power. Coffee would wake me up all day and night. But eventually some points, it will take my health away, and lose focus and lead me to death. I would not want that even that make me awake for a long time. I understand why the soldiers dependence on coffee at that time. They were in danger, and could not go to sleep because they would not know what would happen at any time. They had to awake all the times. If they could take rice and coffee together, it would be a good combination.

However, since our question is to choose one from the rice and coffee, my choice is rice instead of coffee.

The picture is showing ‘kimchi fried rice.’ It is one of the best and famous food in Korea and many people loves it. Simply just fry some rice with kimchi. 

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