Ceyda Yildiz – Homework #1 Texture


This is a picture of baked ziti that I made for dinner the other day. I never cooked anything till this month. Due to the fact that my mom always cooked for us. Since she started working and i had days off from school i had to cook dinner to feed myself. So i tried the easiest thing to cook. Pasta! Not gonna lie it actually came out pretty awesome. It was delicious. I was pretty proud of myself since it was my first time cooking anything besides eggs. I took this picture to send it to my mom because i was so excited lol. I used my iPhone to capture this picture. My kitchen was dark so i put on my microwaves’s light thats on top of the oven to show the texture of the melted cheese on the pasta. That one small light focusing on the pasta and nothing else made it look extra delicious. The yellow light made the pasta look more orange and brought out the color of the tomato puree and made the cheese look more crunchy and crispy.

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