Alison Yan, Homework #1 Texture

Rutabaga, turnip and pearl onion.

This is a picture of a mise en place that I created during culinary class that consists of three different vegetables.  First the rutabaga and turnip are cut into tournés.  Then they are boiled with pearl onions in a pot.  By boiling it, it creates a soft texture throughout the whole vegetable.  When the vegetables were cooked, they were placed in iced water to shock the vegetables.  This makes the texture of the vegetable’s outer layer smooth.  Then in a small sauce pan with butter, the pearl onions, rutabaga and turnip gets sautéed together along with seasoning and herbs.  This browns the outer layer and the butter creates that glossy appearance.  Finally, after plating the vegetables I added garnish on the side to make the dish look more attractive.

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