Final Project Normcore Documentation Week 2

During this week I decided that I was going to work on a project to make a basic tic tac toe game using the Normcore plugin as well as basic unity skills such as instantiating objects and player movement. My design for this game will be very simple and I would be leaving a lot of responsibility up to the players. To spawn an X on the board a player will need to press the X key and to spawn an O then the O key would need to be pressed. The symbols would be spawned on the players current position. Once the players are done with the quick game then they will have to press the R key to restart their game. I wanted to make a platform game at the start since I thought it may have been a little easier to work with, but after I began messing with some particle systems, I wanted to make a game like or snake. After I noticed that the particle system was going all over the place (most likely since I was working with a Z axis as well) I decided why not make tic tac toe multiplayer. It’s a game that people always play with just a simple pencil and paper, but with how things have been going on with the world recently, playing such a simple game is not as easy as it used to be without wearing a bunch of things now. My biggest challenge may be instantiating the object based on which player pressed the X or O key as it would be very weird if two Xs popped up in two different areas since the players were technically clones of the same prefab. I would have to research more in order to find out what the best route might be to avoid that. I might use specific key words depending on what works. I began to make a layout of the game board and the surrounding area as well as have a start game screen that is very simple as a placeholder. I created Xs and Os as prefabs with different colors, I basically have all assets ready for the actual creation of the coding and testing process. The players will be located on the board by the cubes that were used in the example Normcore project.