Due for Thursday 9/18/2014

On Thursday morning I have invited professor John McCollough from entertainment technology to meet with us from 9-9:45 am. ¬†John’s expertise includes the construction and assembly of performance stages. ¬†The purpose of this meeting is to focus on the design, detailing and construction of the platform that will support our apartment.

I would like each of you to think about how this platform and it’s ramp system will work and more specifically how the work you have already done coordinates with its construction as follows:

Kemoy (Grey Water Systems) Рplease consider what elements of the grey water system may be constructed external to the apartment itself.  What if anything will we need to accommodate including holding tanks, water treatment, plant materials, etc.  Based on the height of the platform we will have a limitation on the depth of anything that fits on the platform.  Please have some real dimensions of these things for discussion this week.

Stephen (Solar Panel System) Рthe panels will likely be mounted as part of the deck/platform and not as part of the apartment itself.  Begin to develop some details on how this system in its current incarnation will physically connect to the platform.  Be ready to discuss options and find out the approximate weight of a single pole and panel assembly.

Chantal & Bertol (the Narrative) Рconsider what part of the narrative will be told as people line up to enter our apartment.  How might our virtual presentation (augmented reality) be integrated into this solution.  Will we have QR codes that can be scanned by cell phone?  Will we look to integrate computer monitors into the railing system so people can view animations and renderings and our narrative?  How would this technology be integrated?

Details and Sections : begin to sketch and design the railing and other materials that will be included.

Drawings for our next deadline:  We will be focusing on the drawings need for this submission that focus on how the site construction will be setup, etc.  This will be part of our discussion.  Please make certain these sheets (samples from other years) are available for us for review and pinup.

Please be on time.

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