Comments for Jury

Reymond – Design concept to better show the diagonals – the steps from the hybrid model to the final design – need to go back to the beginning. VM-Excellent project. Good transition from the concept to the proposal. The BQP is isolated from the view – make “viewing corridors” FL-How do you organize apartment layouts? How do you approach the shared spaces? This is the area to study next.


Joshua- VM-fingers work well. Connects to water and future development. Interesting to create activities along the spine. Perhaps look at making openings in the 1-2nd floors for creating some openings to views and cross movement. LF-long apartment corridors. Perhaps there is a podium base at the street front to bring a street wall. Stores/retail to engage people pedestrian while keeping paths throughout the site.


Jubaida- FL-stratification of the landscape is very interesting. Maybe the landscape comes into the building – into the lobby – takes the shape of this landscaping. VM-Could the courtyard be better connected with ramps? Or could your lower buildings be towers to crate viewing corridors for the larger building?


Massamba- VM-Take a look at Architectonica’s project in Miami. Are you worried about blocking FX collaboratives views? Need another egress stair. FL-making larger objects – makes big communities – how to people live in these vertical towers? Can you better foster community? Maybe using the large bands every 6 floors to divide this large building into smaller communities. Look at Norman Fosters building in Hong Kong – “sky lobbies”


Larry- Presentation was very well articulated and clear! FL-Interesteing devised – clearer title “Connective Tissue” “Blurring the Edge” Look at Eisenmans Wex Center

or Jean Novel Cartier Foundation  . Typical floor plan does not align with massing of project – be careful. VM-what about keeping elevators together – waiting time and construction. Is there a connection to the water – views?


Amhad – Tetris Towers Use a better image of the retail that shows design retail in an urban environment – not track mall in suburbia. VM-Nice concept, connects to waterfront/view, understands the neighborhood. Your initial concept is very weak – maybe go back and develop stronger concept diagrams/drawings/models. Columbia Street should have a series of 5 story low-rise buildings. FL – scale is very nice. Street wall works, look at duplex layouts in tower to work you concept into section. Look at Steven Holl in Japan –


Dante – Urban Green Village Very well prepared presentation. It is a living organism – brings you in, breathes. VM- a lot of good ideas, different approach, organize. It will be difficult to develop into residential housing doe to the shape and core. In some of your images the FX Collaborative bldg. is dominate. FL-appreciate the attempt, but joyful lobby – maybe look at creating “ovals”? maybe partly inside and outside? Could be interesting to hold the city grid and then create this break with the organic spaces/buildings. Look at BIG East River project near Domino in Williamsburg.


Faaud- Hex-a-condo FL- long linear park = maybe a passage through the buildings? Some apartments could be single loaded corridors. Could this shape be used to create more social interactions? Exposed to nature? Balconies? VM- massing could be even broken down into smaller pieces – to allow for cores in each base and passages – physically and view corridors.


Baddour- VM- light structure over walkway seems to be dividing the two sites into two. FX Collaborative bldg. is on a separate site. Open up some of the ground floor to allow for movement and visual connections. Check the distance between these buildings – seems a bit close.


Mei-Fen – Building Blocks- Light posts are out of scale – way too large….AV-true to form of concept. Dilute the edge of the BQE as you move forward for your portfolio. Create the landscape edge of the blocks to be the strongest. SV- take a look at the Riverbend project of Davis Brody . Show the balconies on typical floor plans – how are they used? Community?


Nadja- Rotate site plan. Connected concept throughout. SV- It appears that you are sheltering the neighborhood that you have created. – correct. Look at the success of the concept of “Triangulation” being viewed and viewing from three different levels to engage – you do this in many spots within your site. AV-nice detail in the exterior of your building. You may want to building on the idea of community with retail/commercial at the corner of Congress and Columbia.


Jasmine- Brooklyn Bio SV- You need to have a strong idea and stand up for it. What are your principals? What are you trying to do with Biophilic design? It is more than just green balconies, green spaces…You need a strong site strategy that defends your ideas and project. Place your building in your site strategy and defend it to the end. “core principals”

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