Screenshots from 6/17 – Thursday

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Screenshots from 6/16

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Screenshots from Tuesday 6/15

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Post from Today 6/14/21

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HW for This Weekend – Monday

Homework Schedule:

  • Saturday noon:
    • Site analysis, Zoning +Site Strategy
  • Monday 8:30: Hybrid model+ site (MIRO)
    • (Also finish any other models, collages..)
  • Monday 5pm:
    • Precedent Studies Grading

Albert has hours every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00pm – 2pm and you will find the link below. Feel free to join whenever!

Screenshots from today:

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HW for June 9th



  1. Finish Site Strategy with the group.
  2. Develop a simple bubble diagram (individual) that shows how you may want to use the site.

PART 2: Gather at least 5-6 of these items or similar recycled items – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING!!! And have scissors, exato-blade, glue/tape.

Look through recycling, around your space – ask before you take from other as they may not get it back!

Boxes – shipping, cereal, food….

Plastic – from packaging, groceries, package wrapping



Cotton balls, tissue, q-tips,


Screws, bolts, nuts

Wire, String, thread, dental floss

Mesh – from fruit

Paper, tracing paper, wax paper, tissue paper, construction paper

Wood – leftover from models,

Pins – sewing,


Anything that is broken – ready to go out

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Screenshots from 6/3

Monday each group will present their site analysis, site strategy diagram and their zoning rules + zoning envelope. We will begin presentations at 8:30 and then move on to precedent studies for the rest of class.


Here are the screenshots from today.

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HW for Thursday June 3rd

Preliminary zoning rules and envelope

Progress on Site Analysis – I want to see mock ups of the work… what areas are you having issues with?

Site visit:   Saturday at 10am – meet at Congress and the BQE bridge – outside of playground.  What other time?

Here is the video recording from today: Passcode: xn$h5&u.



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Welcome to Summer Design VI

I just wanted to welcome everyone to Summer Design 6. This will be a very intense demanding studio which is 15 weeks covered in 7 weeks.
You will be required to be in class everyday M-Th 8:30-12:40pm. You will need to be on zoom (preferably with camera on), working in class (not at work or on your phone). There will be assignments given at the beginning of the class with work due by the end of class for review. All work will be presented on MIRO and posted everyday. There will be 2-4 hours of homework daily – with the larger amounts over the weekend. This is a fast pace class with lots of group work. The computer lab in V217 is open if you need access. You will need Rhino, adobe (I am putting a request of access) and could use CAD. There will be physical models, renderings, sketches and lots of exciting work. I will have a site visit the first week in Brooklyn for those of you who can attend. The site is massive and very complicated. During these 7 weeks it will be hard to do much more than studio. I am excited for lot of wonderful work and collaboration.

Prof Jill

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