Quick List for Wednesday


Post this presentation to your blogs,

create a site strategy that shows your inventory that is important to your design, and also your ideas for the site.

I will post the comments and begin to respond.

You will be meeting with Prof Jill Wednesday and Thursday.

General Comments:


Look to how Post Cover housing will need to be addressed. Common spaces – how can they be safer? Outdoor spaces? Getting to your apartment or within your apartment.

Albert: Look at the Columbia Street facade – long without any openings for the public, single loaded corridors or should they be double loaded?

Dante: Facade should look at the horizontal elements, Roofs flat? buildings different heights? Maybe stepped roofs?

Hifza: Balconies too deep/dark, need to work on floor plans, look at orientation of the buildings – site strategy,

Jessy: Open up U to a wide V, take advantage of the site and views – look at your site strategies, Look at BIG 8 and BIG 57 and Mercedes House

Farai: Bike path should be on east side of BQP, Courtyards too small to get natural light, look at Via Verde, BIG57, maybe open up or fold out one side of your triangles. Look at the deep part of the triangle – will not fit housing. Watch corners. Do your buildings need to be triangles or can the angles be present?

Jamaisi: Find new site images for parking and community space. Carve buildings to fit site and views, Creating a “village”

Damian: Can eliminate one of the scissor stairs – watch depth of building with balconies – too deep/dark, Look at spaces between buildings – maybe they are parallel to one another – that would mean rooting the one by Congress, Step roofs, create more of “Boxes” within massing

Luis: Rework floor plans (I’ll help with units), Watch colors on top floor plans – bright!, create views to see how spaces feel on ground level under buildings, and in larger voids within building envelope, Nice City views!!

Oliver: Long building, long corridor, missing way finding, rethink how interior courtyards are covered- or not? Alvar Aalto – look at how he treated long corridors and outside space including communal spaces, stay true to your concept. Try breaking long building – or perhaps one is enclosed and one is open loop? similar to you physical model? ying/yang

Melissa: need to work on unit floor plans and in typ floor plans – core inside inner triangle. Need to go back and look at the massing and rework shape to accommodate floor plans – eliminate or truncate the point of the triangle? Positive utopian vision for housing.

Rafia: Look at your added elements on the BQP – cut off the flow on the pedestrians and cyclists. OK to add and create movement and paths, but these could cause accidents with bikes and pedestrians. No kitchens on exterior walls – 3Beds units. Look at Interlace in Singapore. Explore the interlocking shapes and push and pull these blocks. Be more bold. Create views of the voids between the lays of the buildings – how can you make it nicer?

Scott:  Color of site plan – purple and pink? More architectural or artistic. Need to work on elements in apartment units. Look at balconies – cut back the triangle unable areas. 3 is the magic number – make it your concept. Hierarchy – orientation. The three building near Congress – look to see if these want to be connected. Also look at the orientation of the connected three on the Columbia site – do they respond to views and the site strategy?


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