QuickList for Monday

Postings for your use:

  • I will post the videos of today’s class

Current Assignment:

  • Special Zoning Envelope (Team – complete for Monday)

    • As a team review each of your individual zoning envelopes.  Agree on what rules and composite version makes sense – this will be the groups proposed special zoning envelope – update your rules to match
    • If you disagree with the team and want to go rogue – you can by applying for a variance when you begin the design phase.
  • Special Zoning FAR and OSR Study (Individual – complete for Monday)
    • As a team calculate your FAR and OSR requirements.
    • As an individual use the FAR (think of this as clay) and mold proposed massing of your buildings within the zoning envelope.  This is the start of you individual design.
  • Site Engineering (Class project – complete for Monday)
    • Create a reference drawing of the base that would exist after the highway is re-built and the entrances/exits are decked over.  This is the base we all work with.
  • Site Strategy (Team – complete for Monday)

    • Working with our new “Site Engineering” and the “Zoning Envelope” review your inventory and refine your site strategy overlay drawings.
  • Covid-19 Rules (Team then Class – for a future date)
    • Each team should add this to their zoning document – and then we will create a class wide document.  Please be prepared to discuss this as we develop our housing.

Screen Captures from Class:

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