Quicklist for Thursday

Postings for your use:

  • I will post the videos of today’s class

Current Assignment:

  • Special Zoning Envelope (Individual – then Team)

    • Each team member is to complete this study independently so that you all become more familiar with the process and the rules.
    • Next review what each of you has done and complete a Team version- when you are done work backwards to refine your zoning rules.  For example if you model shows a deck on the site at Congress and Columbia how does this affect the sky exposure plane or building height measurement?  From the model – rewrite your rules.
  • Covid-19 Rules (Team then Class)
    • Each team should add this to their zoning document – and then we will create a class wide document.
  • Site Engineering (Class project)
    • Create a reference drawing of the base that would exist after the highway is re-built and the entrances/exits are decked over.  This is the base we all work with.
  • Site Strategy (Team – Next Step)

    • Working with our new “Site Engineering” and the “Zoning Envelope” refine your Team Site Strategy.  You will work on this for Monday.

Screen Captures from Class:

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