For Wednesday – a quick checklist

Postings for your use:

  • I am adding a link for a Pinterest board with site related graphics.  It is also on the menu under Resources > Site > Site Planning Graphics
  • Class videos will also be posted – the videos page now includes links to our zoom class sessions and information on Internet Service Providers for students
  • I have added a new pages with Readings and a recommended watch-list.  Please post any link you find that will be useful to the class.
  • I posted your grades from today’s – all A’s for everyone.  The stats are updated and they are posted in Blackboard.
  • At the end of this post are screen captures from class

Current Assignment:

  • Special Zoning Rules (team- complete this first)

    • In Miro continue to develop your rules.  First identify a rule (for example sky exposure plane) then determine if you have one.  Consider treating the green park easement above the BQE as a street frontage – and it could then have a sky exposure plane.
    • If you decide not to include a rule (for example – no maximum building height) please include this in your rules as well.
  • Visual Site Strategy Site Plans (team based)
    • You are looking to convert your written site strategy into site based graphics – review the Pinterest board for examples.
    • While you will not present your individual strategies – you should add to this board as it occurs to you.  On the individual board do not duplicate the site strategies of the team board – only include any site strategy that is unique to you.

Screen Captures from Class:

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