For Monday – a Quick Checklist

Postings for your use:

  • At the end of this post are screen captures from class
  • I will post today’s video when they are ready
  • I have also posted separately the following:
    • A copy of your class Brainstorming for an Ideal Community
    • A copy of my own board on an Ideal City from my Graduate School Days

Current Assignment: (Inventory)

  • Site Inventory:
    • We will present these on Monday – we will set a time limit for the team of 20 minutes each so hit the highlights.
    • Remember you are doing Inventory only at this point – not Analysis
    • Continue to work on your inventory – begin to think about the Analysis overlay that will come next (but is not due for Monday)
    • Consider that your base plans and 3d isometrics should match what you will use when you present your final design work
    • Remember to test the slide order for presentation so we can use presentation mode
  • Ideal Community and Ideal Special Zoning District
    • We will also present this on Monday  – we will set a 10 minute limit for teach team.
    • The Special Zoning District described here is not zoning rules.  Instead you are looking to form a “Mission Statement” – a written paragraph describing what is unique about the site and what your teams unique approach will be.
    • From this we will be developing specific zoning rules and testing them by building zoning envelopes (again not for Monday).

Previous Assignments: (Must also be completed by Monday)

    • About ME: If you never completed the “About Me” board (there are two of you!) please complete this.  This is not a screen capture from the team board but your graphic images and words – see the original assignment description for details
    • About My Team: Make sure that you are added to the teams “About My Team” board (only one of you still has to complete this work.
    • About My Class:  (For Everyone – or one team member per group) This can be handled by one member of each team – but the class must have a uniform presentation so some discussion may be necessary.  Copy your Photos/Names/Descriptions from the Team Boards and move this to the Class Board.  Leave room at the top for Photos/Descriptions of your two professors – (we will add this in)
    • Special Zoning District Research and Envelope: (No work required) It is not required that you make any modifications to what you already presented.  You may however want to add notes for yourself as to what was misinterpreted.  The goal was to teach you about zoning and how to generate a zoning envelope.  The next time you do this will be working as a team to generate the zoning envelope for the project site according to your teams Special Zoning District Rules.

Screen Captures from Class:

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