November 10th – In Class Work

Videos are posted:

As a group:

  • 1- Site Plan
    • Take your calculations and present these on site plan
    • Parcel Name (A/B/C/D) (Lot Sq. Ft) x (FAR) = Total
  • 2- Isometric 3D of Same information as a mass sing – no setbacks
    • Lot A = FAR of 5 – so show a massing 10 foot floors x 5
      (5 story building covering the entire lot)
    • Lot C = FAR of 3.5 – (3 1/2 story building covering the entire lot)
  • 3- Overlay allowable FAR into the proposed zoning envelope
    • Lot A = Show Yard Setbacks – Setbacks – Sky Exposure
    • Fill in the Sq footage for Lot A – into the Zoning envelope

As an Individual:

  • 4- Calculate FAR of your current Project
    • Sq Foot of your buildings – x number of floors
    • Compare Lot A Allowable FAR to your used FAR
  • 5 – Modified Massing to add missing FAR
    • Add additional massing for missing FAR
  • Answer the following questions
    • Where are the building entrances?
    • How are deliveries made – move in/out – vehicle access
    • Public Space in addition to the green way
    • Private Space
      • What is the edge between public/private like?
    • How are you treating the lowest level of buildings – apt? commercial?

Screen Captures so far for today:


Additional Screen Captures



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