Feedback from Midterm Review – Thursday class – update massing, plans

ZOOM: Prof Jill Thursday


  • Locate entrances for buildings for residents, deliveries, garbage and recycling, entrance from street, parking, and greenway
  • Look at light, air, views, privacy to make sure buildings respond.
  • What is the FAR of the different sites (A,B,C,D,E) ?? Do your building come close to this FAR? Look to increase your massings.
  • Define connections to greenway – from all streets, buildings….

Group 1:


Look at buffer from housing to greenway- Look at Pierhouse in Brooklyn Bridge park. Also look at Studio Gang 11 Hoyt as they have a raised outdoor space just for the people living there.

Maybe look to remove or disconnect the middle lower portion of your massing. Maybe a community space for residents?

Work on sections of different widths of the residential. Some are single loaded corridors, some double… some may have large spaces in middle for common uses – storage, gyms…

Locate parking – off of Congress



Need to work on grade – currently flat. Greenway raised.

3 bedrooms need work – look at other 3 bedroom units.

Egress – corridors need to connect all buildings/units. Look at which side the units are on and views. Watch dead end corrdidors. Travel distance to vertical circulation (Fire Stairs) 200’ travel distance…

Site: show greenway to congress connected to U-shaped massing. How do people get to the greenway from the buildings?



Who will go through the arcade? Corner of Atlantic and Columbia more prevalent. If the site is sloped, how do the buildings sit on that slope? Find images of the ramp/stairs. Look to create the outdoor space over the off-ramp on Columbia as a semi-private outdoor space for residents. Re-work plans and blowups. Overall plan needs to eliminate large wasted area in center of building. Look at each floorplate how it steps back (read Jessicas comments- zoom together.)



Crop and zoom in on your concept models

Dome – this can be a connector to bridges over Atlantic, Columbia to the residential building… Maybe cut off at street? Look at what happens to this sphere and materials, open at base?

Work on iterations at curved façade – balconies cantilevered, recessed or combination. Keep apartments rectilinear.

Need a bit of work on blow-up units.


Group 2: Check  on your circulation maps – bus only on Atlantic not Congress or Hicks.


Concept models are very strong – go back to these and work on the transition to the hybrid model/site models. Look at these models not to be the same height – look at concept models. Check the location of the buildings on the site – how does it relate to the views and sun? Walls around kitchen??? Look at other examples of apartments.



Nicediagrams. The buildings work with location and parti – but appear very small. Look to bring up the massing of the residential. Diagram should address community spaces – not Commerical?



Massing needs to make sure that there is ample space between u-shape for light and air and privacy on the building closest to Congress. Look at air, light and privacy for these apartments. How are the views? I am seeing broken chains – can they be linked? Maybe not physically, but through landscape?



“It doesn’t matter what side you are on, what is missing is listening to each other and coming together.” Parti- bridging and connection

Nice drawings. Study sun. Entrances are along greenway, but where are the street entrances? Create ground plan and see how buildings sit on the new site. Overall plans neew work – hallways will need to be single loaded in some locations, May need to rework massing to accommodate apartment depths in some areas or create cores.



Massing seems like two different buildings. Go back and define your parti and create a strong design that reinforces your parti. Models are very strong, but massing is too busy. The parti needs to be shown in the site work also. Bubble diagram for site would be very useful.

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