Assignments for Tuesday September 15th

  • URBANPlan – PRESENTATION begins at 8:45AM  Tuesday September 15thPost all requirements to the MIRO board by Saturday and let me know so that Prof Jill can review. Contact me via Slack for zoom meetings…..
  • Finish your individual zoning envelope studies
  • As a team – please complete the Miro board for Ideal Special Zoning District. 
    • Review as a team, What was special about the zoning district your team researched?  We will need to ask the question “What is special about our project site?” – based on this we will be developing 3 separate versions (one for each team) of special zoning for the same site.
    • For your “Ideal Special Zoning Brainstorming” – working as a team complete your mindmap.
  • Begin your site inventory researchfollow this link to the Miro Board
    • Meet as a team and review the site inventory Miro board.  Assign each board to a specific teammate – you can also choose to work on a board together. Put your names with on the boards with the Stickies.
    • Begin research and gather information and place this in the scratch space. We will be working actively on this in class.  Be sure to have something for every board.
    • The Site
      • Is located where the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) crosses Atlantic avenue.  The site is bordered by Atlantic on the North, Congress on the South, Columbia on the West and Hicks on the East.
      • BQE – for the purpose of our work the BQE will be moved below grade.  Above the path of the BQE will be an easement that is for a linear park.  There are entrance/exits to the BQE that need to be maintained.  On Atlantic we need to maintain the Northbound exit and on Columbia street we need to maintain the entrance/exits to southbound traffic.  You will need to ramp down to the roadway and we will as a class discuss the engineering of the site.
      • BIG Proposal for the BQE – follow this link and review the BIG proposal for the BQE – we will be incorporating this into our project.

Project Site

Screen Captures from today’s class

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