ASSIGNMENT 7 – List of Spaces, Matrix & Bubble Diagram

ASSIGNMENT 7: List of Spaces, Matrix, Bubble Diagram

Based on your precedent studies, determine the program of your building.

For the next session you need

1. List of spaces

Once you identify the functions of your building, and the users of your building you should be able to make a list of all the spaces needed. Have a system or organizing method as you list the spaces for example according to size or importance.

Once the list of Spaces is determined you will develop RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAMS

2. Adjacency Matrix and Criteria Matrix

Adjacency Matrix is an in-depth look into how each space relates to the other within the building. The purpose of the matrix is to organize and link different activity areas together.

Criteria Matrix- attempts to organize the design program requirements in a concise form.

3. Bubble Diagram-

A bubble draws information from the adjacency matrix. Moreover, a bubble diagram represents information visually in the form of a series of bubbles. The bubbles can be used to represent different kinds of spaces in a plan, varying in shape to represent features of greater or lesser importance and size. The bubble diagram can create a rough sense of flow, which is used to develop a more refined plan.

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