blog #4 – Downtown Manhattan Trip

Taking the walking tour down Downtown Manhattan was quite an experience.  As a child walking through the streets of any part of Manhattan wasn’t interesting to me as it was that day.  Studying what we do now changes how we look at our environment.  Now every building catches my eyes, whether it’s a simple box building.  It makes me wonder what its original form used to look like.  We’ve learned that many buildings that are still standing today aren’t in its original forms.  They’ve all had some change to it.  For example, many of the buildings had many ornaments hanging on its façade, but now they are little to none left on the façade.  No one can really notice it, but if you look closely, you can.

Seeing many types of buildings in Downtown Manhattan was interesting to me; seeing our slideshows from class come to life.  We even visited a church.  We walked in and got the experience of the interior of the beautiful structure.  Sometimes actually visiting the building rather than looking at photos gives you a different understanding of the building.  You sometimes can’t get the experience from a simple photo as you would in person.  It is always better to go in person so you can see things you’ve missed in the photos.

We visited the Trinity Church, the Federal Hall Memorial, the Bank of New York, the Indian Museum and etc.  all of which are very decorative buildings.  The facades including interior, (the ones we went inside of).  Mostly every building had columns, which I found interesting.  Getting the feeling of old architecture and how it still exists; gothic revival, neo classic, greek, etc.  It was quite an experience for me, to appreciate the building structures as a New Yorker, knowing that this city is mine.  It shows me that architecture is everywhere and everything.

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