Lower Manhattan

The day we visited the area was kind of gray and wanted to rain however we got to see great architecture in lower Manhattan one of the building well pavilion that I thought was really interesting was the African burial ground national monument even though it was kind of creepy standing on were people were buried. The architecture in this pavilion was amazing starting with the entry a triangle pointing at the direction of the world. The exit is epic too it has the feeling of the world is together by surrounding the world ramp. Finally the symbol on the wall which all mean something else.

African Burial Ground National Monument on 290 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, at Duane Street the Civic Center district of Lower Manhattan, New York City. There is a Monument for more than 400 Africans buried during the late 1700s and 1800s centuries which were estimated to be the largest colonial era cemetery for African Americans. When people were excavating for this site to build they found this however the city of New York preserves the site to be “the most important historic urban archeological project in the United States.


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