My New York

New York has been a place I always wanted to visit. A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to live in New York. The first time I visited the city it was an exciting feeling, I was amazed by the under ground infrastructure, it seem as though there’s a whole world happening below the street level. There were trains, businesses, people lives were happening below the earth’s surface.

Then I got out of the trains and the world above ground, was really above ground! The buildings were taller than the tallest building I knew. To see where the buildings ended I had to rotate my head at least 90 degrees to see the top. I was fascinated by the design, construction and aesthetics that these buildings presented to an individual. I started to take pictures and walk around the city exploring the different areas in NYC. I toured from lower to upper Manhattan, just to take in this authoritative or bold feel New York city’s high rise provided. The majestic feel that the infrastructure, provides still remains the same with me today, But something changed.

My View of the people and living conditions. My first few visits, I saw the city for it’s beauty and was blinded by that, it was what I wanted to see. As I visited the city more often I began to see slums, litter on the streets and on the train tracks. I saw people cramped in small places the call home. I saw rundown buildings and sadness. People going places in a rush, people faces are stressed with bags under their eyes, the reality of NYC is stressful. The people I saw the happiest in the city are the ones who came to take in the brilliance and beauty of the city and then the leave after a week.

New York City even with it’s internal problems that can be fixed, remains one of the places that show forth the brilliance of the people and the greatness of the nation. It is a place where people from every walks of life can come and survive as long as you have a dream and passion to fulfill that dream.

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