My New York

My New York is a place where I was never able to fully embrace her architecture or landscape before now.  What I noticed most about My New York were the hard working people that play an active and meaningful, but thankless role in keeping My New York running and keeping her where she needs to be.  From 30,000 feet for many America is known as the land of opportunity and New York is the heart that gives it life.  New York is the hub that influences the world we live in.   It is a place where dreams rise up and goals are something that is worth fighting for.

My New York means to me everything is amplified and more intense and exciting.  It’s a place full of diversity and hearing new languages spoken is never really surprising.  My New York is filled with a carnival of ideals and ordeals.

My New York is a destination for immigrants from all over the world.  They come to My New York to experience the freedom to strive for and live out the American dream and not just survive. My New York opens her doors to people from all walks of life so that they can experience a better tomorrow in this lifetime.   

To me, My New York is a place that changed as time went on.  What used to be a symphony filled with musical interludes has now become a cacophony of loud and eclectic noise.  My New York is a place were I want to escape from in my attempt to enjoy a landscape of green trees and grass filled meadows and pastures.  My New York has become a place where I feel like I need to be released from so I can experience life feeling free.  My New York has become a cold, dark and sterile place where people don’t seem to care about each other and the daily mantra rests on the belief that it is every man for himself.  The love seems to have left My New York.  In time I know it will return; like Winter gives way to Spring, I will experience the sights, sounds and feelings of My New York again it just takes time.

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